The iPhone 12 provides magnetic wireless charging and no longer provides a charger. Many people are forced to choose the official MagSafe charger. But there is a problem, Although this Magsafe solves the problem that the traditional magnetic suction cannot be charged and played, it can only be charged horizontally, which causes a lot of pressure on the cervical spine.

Today I will tell you how to turn the MagSafe charger into a magnetic stand, and play while charging.

The principle of this bracket is very simple, and the rare thing is creativity. From the side of the product, you can see the structure of the MagSafe charger bracket. A piece of aluminum alloy is bent into an L-shaped surface with a plastic frame to fix the MagSafe magnetic charger.

After using the bracket, the MagSafe magnetic wireless charger becomes a set-up wireless charger. Compared with the original horizontal wireless charger, the vertical wireless charger has unique advantages. It is more convenient to scan short videos to operate WeChat and reply messages while maintaining the charging status.

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