About The 20W PD USB C GaN Charger for iPhone 12

As we all know, after Apple released the iPhone12 series of mobile phones this year, it proposed that for environmental reasons, it would no longer provide charger plugs.

So in my opinion, this will cause new users of Apple mobile phones to be unable to use the original charger to charge the phone.

Then, I want to recommend a charger of  20W PD USB-C GaN Charger, Specially designed for iPhone 12, If you’re rushed for time, a single 15-minute charge gives your iPhone 12 Pro enough power to listen to music for 7 hours, watch videos for 3.5 hours, or extend your call time by 3.5 hours.

You Can Take It Anywhere
Measuring just over 1 inch on each side and weighing about the same as a AA battery, this is a high-speed charger with unrivaled portability.

Universal Compatibility
With USB C PD 20W you can charge virtually any mobile device, including iPhone, Samsung, and more.

Space-Saving Design
The ultra-compact cube design takes up very little space while plugged in, keeping other outlets free to charge more of your devices.

Comprehensive Protection
Your safety is our business. Our safety system combines high-voltage protection, current regulation, temperature control, and many more features to keep you safe.

For more information about 20W PD Charger,
Please check this or contact us. Email: contact@veister.com

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