Universal Magnetic CD Slot Car Phone Holder

Main Features

Tiny and Functional

Newly published Mpow CD slot car mount only weights 40.7g/1.44oz, half the size of common car mounts on market, with

no decline in performance. No matter on the rough road or passing through speed bump, it tightly holds the phone in site.

One-Step Installation

Both the car mount and the phone are easy to install. Insert the clamp into the CD slot to install car mount. After sticking the

metal plate to the phone, each time just attach the phone to the magnetic head when in use and take it off when leaving.

Soft Silicone Pad

The clamp is covered by silicone pad, causing no damage to the CD slot after inserted. The silicone pad also helps the

clamp hold the CD slot, reducing shaking and sliding while driving.

Convenient Design

Other than other car mounts that block driver’s view or influence the function of air vent, Mpow CD slot car mount is placed

in the CD slot, safe and convenient.

360° Rotatable Ball Head

With the flexible ball head, the phone can be adjusted into any direction, enable you to view the phone at a proper angle.